Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Termly payments are preferable and are to be made at the beginning of each term. This can be by cheque, cash or Bank transfer (please contact for details) Please note that missed classes are still to be paid for. Fees are based on 33 weeks of classes per year, and where possible this is divided into three 11 week terms. If this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances then classes will be added over the course of the year to make up for this. Sibling discounts are offered, as are discounts for multiple classes. Please enquire for details.




We ask for a half-term’s notice of finishing classes. This is a standard practice and it is so we can hold a place open for your child in the event of them changing their mind, and so we can re-allocate your child’s place in the class. We often have waiting lists for classes - especially at the younger end of the school - and so need to be able to offer the place to another student.




We strongly encourage good standards of appearance and uniform in our pupils and ask parents to support us in this by ensuring that pupils have the correct uniform (named so that we can return any lost property) and their hair in a bun for ballet, and tied back neatly into a ponytail, plait or other appropriate style for the other disciplines of dance. Looking and feeling the part is important when learning to dance and we feel that attention to uniform builds confidence. We thank our parents for maintaining our high standard.


Health and Safety


No watches, jewelry, hooped or dangly earrings, nose or belly-button rings permitted in class due to the risk of injury. . Also no chewing gum or sweets allowed while dancing because of risk of choking. A bottle of water is permitted.




When enrolling parents will need to complete a registration and consent form for their child, this is available under the ‘Information” tab on the Home page. We ask parents to keep us informed of any changes of address, contact details, or medical conditions of your child. We feel it is important to be aware of any issues or events that may affect students in the studio situation.




Please let us know if your child is ill or injured and is unable to come to class. If they are able to come and watch we strongly recommend it. It can still be a valuable learning experience and means that they will not feel left behind when they return to class.


Other Classes


Please contact us if you wish to join another class in another genre, then we can advise you on suitability etc. Similarly; if you have any queries, worries or issues then please contact us.